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Didriksen, Saucier, Woods & Pichon Law Firm handles all navigable waterway accidents. Louisiana is well known for its vast fishing, shipping, oil and industrial activity and we are specialists in managing claims occurring from; fishing boats, oyster boats, oil rigs, tugs, ferries, environmental hazards and cruise ships accidents. read more


Didriksen, Saucier, Woods & Pichon Law Firm handles claims from pre-litigation through initiation of suit, prosecution and defense of litigation through trial, and prosecution and defense of writs and appeals. Didriksen Law Firm lawyers brief and argue cases on the merits at all levels of state and federal court. read more


Our firm has helped many victims who have been exposed to asbestos and then subsequently been diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer, Lung cancer and other asbestos related diseases to receive compensation. DSWP have also defended such suits on behalf of installers and sellers of asbestos containing building materials. read more


Working closely with our clients, we draft, defend and prosecute contracts that are tailored to their objectives and that address issues that may arise during performance. We counsel our clients during performance should the need arise. We have defended claims against and sought the enforcement of the performance of insurance, retail sales, real estate, and construction contracts in mediation, arbitration, and in litigation at both the trial and appellate court levels. read more


Our lawyers routinely advise clients on the drafting and formation of:
Employment contracts, Non-competition and confidentiality agreements, Consulting contracts, Franchise contracts, Negotiations of favorable terms, Leases, Offers to purchase and sell land and Real estate closing documents. read more


Didriksen, Saucier, Woods, and Pichon Law Firm lawyers offer our clients advantages over other lawyers as three of our attorneys have significant engineering training and experience. We have represented individuals, corporations, the State of Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (La. DEQ), and insurers in connection with claimed environmental and toxic losses. read more


Didriksen, Saucier, Woods & Pichon are experienced in all aspects of estate planning. We realize how important it is that our clients’ final property, healthcare and funeral wishes are honored. With a properly drafted will we can ensure your estate is correctly distributed to your loved ones, your physician knows your end of life medical care plans and that your family have instructions for your funeral. read more


Our firm acts as coverage counsel for certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London and other domestic and foreign insurers. We have extensive experience defending insurers with respect to casualty and property policies and we conduct examinations under oath and litigate first party property claims generated by a variety of perils including wind, flood, fire, and explosion, and defend insured and insurers in third party claims. read more


We understand the science of health care and have extensive experience in litigating medical malpractice and hospital liability cases at both trial and appellate levels. We have represented individuals, doctors, hospitals and insurers in matters litigated through medical malpractice review panels and afterward to trial and appeals. We are proud of our success record in this challenging field. read more


Our personal injury attorneys represent clients that have been injured through no fault of their own, as well as defending those accused of fault. We are specialists in making sure that our clients are compensated for an injury caused by someone else’s negligence. Please call us for a free case evaluation if you have a personal injury claim arising out of a construction, industrial, heavy machinery, slip and fall, highway or car accident. read more


As defense as well as subrogation counsel, the firm has represented clients in the area of products liability in both individual and class action litigation. The products involved ranged from all terrain vehicles to small appliances and include electrical outlets and supplies, turbine generators, motors, hydraulic braking systems, and pressure vessels. read more


Didriksen, Saucier, Woods and Pichon Law Firm lawyers have represented individuals, banks, businesses, and insurers in connection with real estate acquisition, construction, development, financing, incorporation, leasing, re-subdivision, and re-zoning. We have obtained zoning adjustments, have foreclosed, sued for possession, put liens on properties, and seized and sold properties. read more


Didriksen, Saucier, Woods & Pichon Law Firm lawyers have handled substantial subrogation claims throughout Louisiana on behalf of national and overseas insurers and reinsurers. We have partnered with our clients by accepting subrogation litigation cases on a contingent fee basis and have done well for our clients. Didriksen Law Firm obtained over sixty million dollars in subrogation recovery in 2001 alone. read more


Our firm represents clients that have been injured while on the job. Injured employees are entitled to wage benefits and medical benefits from their employer pursuant to the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act. This set of laws has a number of strict rules and time requirements that should be addressed immediately after a workplace injury. read more

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