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Brake failure a frequent cause of commercial truck crashes

When it comes to the truck driving profession, experience and training go a long way, and when truckers take to Louisiana’s roadways without having sufficient training or experience, they threaten their own safety as well as that of everyone else traveling the roadway. At Didriksen, Saucier & Woods, we recognize that, while brake failure issues can arise because of system malfunctions, many truck crashes that result from brake failure issues also occur because truckers lack the knowledge necessary to effectively avoid them.

Mental trauma following a large truck accident

Large truck collisions can bring many consequences for victims, such as the loss of life, injuries that leave someone permanently immobilized or unable to work, financial problems and other hardships. For some victims, mental trauma is a serious challenge in the days, months and even years following the accident. Mental trauma can take many forms and may have an impact on victims' lives in countless ways (it may also be very difficult for their family members). If you are struggling with the emotional and mental toll of a large truck crash, it is pivotal to do all you can to recover.

Large truck drivers and addiction to technology

There are many reasons why collisions involving large trucks occur, whether a crash happens because of inclement weather, the negligence of someone operating a passenger vehicle, the use of alcohol or drugs on the road, fatigue and other risk factors. However, technology has become an increasingly widespread problem when it comes to distracted driving, and this behavior can be especially deadly when someone who is driving a large truck does not pay attention to the road. After all, these vehicles are massive and can take longer to slow down, which often makes the consequences of a truck crash especially dire.

A properly restrained load can prevent an accident

Before many trucking companies in Louisiana agree to hire a new driver, they do a background check to verify that their driving record supports their ability to safely and responsibly operate a big truck. Truckers are required to test before they receive their CDL license which allows them to legally drive a truck. They are also required to undergo extensive training and instruction before they are allowed to drive independently. 

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