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Asbestos continues to cause mesothelioma in exposed workers

Over the years, more information about various topics has allowed people to better understand the benefits and dangers of certain materials. For example, asbestos used to be a highly-used material, but the health hazards the material poses has become more of a concern. Unfortunately, too many people still face risks of mesothelioma from past or current exposure to asbestos fibers.

The biggest threat of asbestos comes when it is disturbed. Because it is a friable material, the fibers from asbestos can become airborne. If a Louisiana worker inhales those fibers, they can become stuck in various organs, including the lungs. Those fibers can later cause cancerous tumors to grow and lead to mesothelioma. The symptoms of this typically-fatal disease can appear decades after exposure.

Distracted driving continues to be a serious issue

These days, most people in Louisiana and elsewhere cannot leave their house without making sure they have their cellphone. While these devices can serve a number of useful purposes, they can also cause distraction in various parts of people's lives. Many individuals may sneak a peek at social media while sitting in an office meeting or text a friend about plans later. While this may seem harmless, distracted driving certainly is not.

In a recent survey, respondents were asked various questions regarding cellphone use and distraction while driving. Of the respondents, 37% indicated that they completely agree that cellphone distractions impair driving ability. However, nearly 30% also indicated that they text and drive and that it is their biggest distraction while behind the wheel.

Mistakes made by ER staff can be harmful to patients

When you go to the emergency room in New Orleans, it is because you have a serious medical need to address immediately. Whether it's a grave illness, complications from a surgery or a traumatic injury, when you need help, you trust the staff at your local ER. You believe that the doctors, nurses and technicians who take care of you will provide you with a certain standard of care.

It can be devastating in many ways when you do not get the care you need from an ER doctor or staff member. For many patients, they simply end up back in the ER later because their condition is worse or they have increased pain levels. If you did not get the right type of care at your ER or mistakes were made, it could indicate medical malpractice. You do not have to suffer the implications of this alone.

Direct or secondhand exposure to asbestos can cause mesothelioma

Receiving a negative medical diagnosis is some Louisiana residents' worst nightmare. For some, the incurable disease of mesothelioma may be what doctors tell them they have, and their lives can change dramatically. After such a diagnosis, many may wonder how they even came to develop this type of condition.

The main cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos. Unfortunately, this type of exposure could happen in various ways. For some, the condition may develop after working in a profession that used asbestos in the past for certain projects or working in an environment where asbestos was present, such as in old buildings. For years their health may seem fine, but that long-term exposure will likely come back to haunt them.

Medical malpractice case comes to settlement

The loss of a loved one to a serious illness can take a major toll on the surviving family. In some cases, the loss is expected but no less difficult to cope with. Unfortunately, some families may face the additional aspect of believing that medical malpractice contributed to the death, and filing a lawsuit may be in their future.

Louisiana readers may be interested in a medical malpractice suit that recently came to a settlement in another state. The situation began when a woman had surgery for a stomach ulcer in 2013 after experiencing abdominal pain. During the surgery, tissue samples were taken for testing, and the results reportedly indicated that the tissue was benign. However, sometime later, the woman was diagnosed with stage IV cancer.

Shipbuilders, construction workers at high risk for mesothelioma

As most people know these days, being exposed to asbestos can cause serious health issues. Of course, in the past, this information was not as well known, and as a result, many people are now facing diagnoses of mesothelioma and other severe health problems as a result of their working around this material. In fact, if Louisiana residents worked in certain occupations, they may be at higher risk than others.

One occupation that resulted in exposure to asbestos is shipbuilding. Because of the fire-retardant nature of asbestos, it was used in building ships and insulating pipes on those ships. Though large commercial and naval vessels are more likely to have used asbestos, even recreational boats can have this material. Unfortunately for shipbuilders, breathing in asbestos fibers was not unlikely.

Asbestos exposure in classroom leads to mesothelioma for teacher

Many people may not think about the dangers of working in older buildings. Unfortunately, many older buildings in Louisiana could put employees at risk of asbestos exposure or exposed them to this dangerous fiber years ago. Now, many people who likely did not know they were working in hazardous conditions may be struggling with mesothelioma.

It was recently reported that this type of ordeal affected a woman in another state. She worked as a teacher in a 90-year-old school building and faced exposure to asbestos for years. Her classroom in particular had unrepaired asbestos pipe insulation, and often, she would clean up the dust and white flakes that fell on her desk or the floor without a second thought. Recently, she was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma.

The basics of a medical malpractice claim

When you go to the doctor, you assume that you will receive quality care and the right diagnosis for the problem you are experiencing. You assume that your doctor or care provider will match you with an effective treatment plan or put you on a medication that will treat your medical issue. You place a lot of faith in Louisiana medical professionals, and it can be devastating when they fail you in some way.


Medical malpractice case has favorable verdict for mother

Most expectant mothers anticipate the births of their children to be difficult but beautiful experiences. No mother wants something to go wrong during labor and delivery that could result in serious injuries to her unborn child. Unfortunately, negligence and other medical malpractice errors can lead to such difficult outcomes.

Louisiana readers may be interested in a medical malpractice case that recently came to an end. The situation began in 2014 when a mother went into labor. While at the hospital, the woman had concerns because she could not feel the baby moving. She expressed her concerns, but the lawsuit claims that staff at the hospital ignored those concerns. As a result, the child did not move for approximately six hours during labor.

Mesothelioma is a life-changing condition

When a person begins to feel unwell, he or she may ignore symptoms for a while or brush them off before finally deciding to see a doctor. In some cases, the diagnosis may be something relatively minor, and in others, a person could find out that he or she has a serious condition like pleural mesothelioma. Such news can be life altering.

It is possible for Louisiana residents to have faced exposure to asbestos or other mesothelioma-causing substances without even realizing it, such as while working or while living in an older building. This type of condition typically shows up years after exposure and can show various signs and symptoms. Some symptoms of pleural mesothelioma include difficulty swallowing, aching pain near the ribs, persistent cough, lower back pain, shortness of breath and others.

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